Life Lessons from a Homebody



In my old age (yes old age, lol), I’ve really become a homebody. My home is my safe place, my sanctuary, and my solitude so I take great pride in having created a warm, welcoming and inviting space that feels like me. In an effort not to be home alone, I love sharing my space with friends and on any given Friday night, my place is filled with laughter, libations and an aggressive game of Phase 10. As a perpetual hostess with the mostest, I’m often complimented by my friends on how “homey” my place feels and asked about the particulars of creating a home that folks never want to leave. Here are my secrets for transforming your house (and you) into a home (body).

It begins at the door

I love greeting my guest at the door. While I’m welcoming, it’s never a “come on in” because I want to open the door for you, greet you where you stand, offer to take any bags or your coat and give you a big hug. That warm embrace may be the first one you’ve had all day and one that I’m hoping you will remember. And it’s not just the warm embrace I care about, the sightlines from the door matter a lot too. When people open your door what is the first thing they see? A messy kitchen, some fresh flowers, a pile of bills or an inviting comfy looking lounge chair, these sightlines can tell people what type of vibe they’re walking into, make sure it’s good vibes only.

No Glass Houses

I like to have things in my house that guest can touch, taste and smell. Your house should be less museum more interactive playhouse. At my house, there is always a soft to the touch slung across the couch for cuddling, some gourmet popcorn for snacking and an earthy scent from a lit candle wafting in the air. My favorite place to shop for these and all things home is “Homegoods”. There is nothing better than a lazy Saturday strolling through their aisle, seeing what you will find to make your guest say “can I touch this,” “taste this”, and  “smells great”. Your answer should always be “Yes”, “Yes”, and “Thanks, I got if from Homegoods”.

Don’t be Disposable

I have a firm rule against paper, styrofoam or plastic wear in my house. Yes, it’s a little bougie, but moreover, it speaks to how I want my guest to be treated when they are in my home. I’m not going to give you a red solo cup because you’re not a red solo cup type of friend, you’re a friend that’s worthy of a long stem wine glass and I’m going to treat you as such. My friends laugh at my personal championing of cloth napkins, but I know deep inside, they feel a little fancy when they come over for Taco Tuesday and I give them an embroidered napkin with their personal monogram on it (I’m kiddin’, sorta). Besides the fancy touches, using your “good china” is more sustainable and ensures that our oceans and landfills it’s full of our weekend remanence.  

No empty glasses

Regardless of the function, we keep the libations flowing. Guest like to feel like their not imposing, which means you may need to cater to them a bit (No Beyonce), until they feel at home. Make sure their wine doesn’t fall below the crease, the second round is warming before the first runs out and that everyone is included and engaged in conversation. You want guests to be full in spirit and spirit throughout the night.

I love hosting because building community is my passion. The true connections that are built over popcorn and pinot grigio are unmatched and making someone feel at home makes me fall in love with being a homebody again and again.

Do you consider yourself a homebody? What’s one thing in your house that makes it feel like home? What do you love about hosting friends?

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