Life Lessons from Investing In Myself


How am I supposed to do insert goal if I don’t know how/understand/have the money to insert goal. This is the classic question on the mind of every under-resourced, overlooked, and underpaid person ever. It’s frustrating to have passion, skill, and raw talent but not to have the visibility, resources, connections, or know-how to get things done. Whenever I feel like this, I’m reminded of the importance of investing in myself. Life is a series of investments—of our time, money, and energy in things and people. It’s important to remember that one of the most valuable investments that you can make is in yourself. If you’re struggling to understand what personal investment looks like and why it’s important, here are my top three life lessons from investing in myself.

You won’t regret it.

I’ve never made a personal investment that I regret. Not the early morning workout, not going back to school to earn my Ph.D., not saying “no,” when I really meant “no,” and not paying for the training to grow my business. When I know my intention going in, and I’m clear that the investment is aligned with my intention, I go with a full heart and leave with no regrets.

It will cost you something.

Cash rules investment. (DISCLAIMER: I know NOTHING about the stock market or things of that matter so I can’t promise this applies there.) Real investments cost money and you’re not going to get what you came for without paying up. Don’t have the money? You might need to save, cut expenses, borrow or barter for it, but it’s going to cost you something. Be prepared for that; anticipate and budget for the fact that it will cost you something.

It will work, if you work it.

I use the knowledge gained during my Ph.D. daily. I use what I know about making healthy meal choices not daily. Guess which area of life I’m most confident in. It’s not just spending the time, taking the class, learning the skill; it’s applying and investing those assets. It’s taking the “think you know” and applying it. It’s working the investment, the connection, the knowledge and not letting a drop of it go to waste.

When was the last time you invested in yourself? What have you learned from it? Share with me in the comments.

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