Life Lessons from My (lack of a) Fitness Journey



In general I’m pretty healthy, I rarely get sick, have never broken a bone or had a surgery, no chronic illnesses or allergies and in general, my doctors give me a clean bill of health at my regular checkups. But it’s not because I’m doing anything to help. My diet is all over the place, I eat out too much, have a serious carb love affair, and my (occasionally) libations are more than just an occasion. This coupled with the fact that my work is demanding (stress eating anyone), I travel a lot (gym, where?), and I’m usually trying to NOT sweat out my hair (#blackgirlproblems), my fitness journey is less journey and more of an occasional stroll in the park.

This Fall, however, I’m committed to changing that. Below I’ve outlined what my Fall Fitness Journey will require and the things I’m committed to starting and/ or consistently continuing to put this journey in motion.

Plan my Gyms Days:

Lately, my gym attendance has been haphazard. It’s a “when I remember” or after I feel guilty for not having gone in several days (ok, 10). In general, I’m a habitual planner, except for my time in the gym. So in order to not make gym time random, I’ve planned my gym days through Nov. 30th. I know when I’m traveling (see you soon D.C., Tampa, and St. Louis), when I have after work commitments and when I need to rest. Creating a schedule around these commitments, instead of using them as a reason I can’t get to the gym is an easy practical step for my fitness journey.

Snack Differently:

I’m not really big or breakfast or lunch as a standard, I generally skip them, but then by 3 pm, I’m starving and ready to plow through a bag of buttery popcorn or Lay’s potato chips. I know I’m never going to be a big breakfast person, so instead of forcing myself to get up early for the “most important meal of the day” I plan to incorporate planned snacks throughout my day (oatmeal, almonds, kale and plantain chips, yogurt) and eat smaller “meals” to compensate for my lack of structured breakfast and lunch habits.

Limited Libations:

This pains me to say, but my Martini Monday, Tequila Tuesdays and Wine Down Wednesdays may be contributing to significant an amount of “empty” calories to my diet. Limiting my alcohol intake has other benefits too; including eating out less (I’m a wine and dine kinda girl), saving some coins (I was in NYC a few weeks ago and paid $32 for 1 cocktail and that ALONE was enough to give it up), and no pesky hangovers (which results in me not wanting to get up and go to the gym). Going back to (occasionally) libations, Cheers!

Certainly, these 3 things alone aren’t going to turn my entire diet and fitness life around, but I believe in small incremental changes that lay the foundation to larger and more significant ones, and for me, this is where I’m starting.


What does your fitness journey look like? Any suggestions as I’m revamping mine? Let’s get fit together!

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