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January Newsletter
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Revenue, Visibility, Impact

As we all embark on a new year, I’m focused on the themes that will guide Schoolin Life in 2019 and enable us to continue ‘schoolin life’ together.

revenue - increasing the net revenue of the Schoolin Life brand, while accounting for growth and expansion

visibility - increasing the brand and name recognition of Schoolin Life

impact - building affinity and brand loyalty among professional women who engage with us

Since its inception, much of the growth and development of Schoolin Life has been organic. It’s been built on word of mouth (y’all the real MVP’s), partnering with friends, and promotion from people I love and admire. I haven’t always been intentional as an entrepreneur and at times, I worry that it shows. Sometimes my passion for a project is bigger than my budget, a collaboration that I really want falls apart, or I don’t have the expertise, time, or energy to do what Schoolin Life deserves as she grows. But this year I have a plan.

Using the guiding principles of revenue, visibility, and impact this year, I plan to be more intentional in 2019. Every event, every guest, every collaboration has to meet all three of these criteria. If it doesn’t, then I’m not doing it. Maybe I’ll be invited to be guest at an event that will increase our visibility and impact women, but if it’s out of budget and won’t drive revenue, then I’m not doing it. Maybe I’ll get an advertising opportunity that will drive significant revenue and increase brand recognition and visibility, but if it’s not going to have a positive impact on the lives of women, then I’m not doing it. The continued growth of Schoolin Life requires intentionality and planning, as well as the guiding principles of revenue, visibility, and impact. Don’t worry! The mission of Schoolin Life isn’t changing. We’ll still be right here, empowering women by extending the coveted “girlfriend” conversation and cultivating a community of women who are passionate about education, storytelling, and personal and professional development, helping us all “school life.” These 3 words are guiding Schoolin Life in the coming year, what words are guiding you? Choose carefully and remember, it’s only up from here.


Show up

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I believe in the power of “being there” for people, literally showing up for people and being present in their face and space. Group FaceTime is lit, but there is nothing that replaces being in the company of others. This is why Schoolin Life has two events in January to celebrate life, love & libations in person! On January 13, join us for Life Lessons & Lunges, a 60 minute, high impact workout followed by a round table discussion of women’s health at University Park, PA. Whether you’re new to working out or a regular in the gym, come connect with other women as we kick off the new year, putting ourselves and fitness first. If working out isn’t your thing, then join us for Life Lessons and Libations in Atlanta on January 27 for a mini Schoolin Life Live show, a “study session” on the power and importance of journaling, and an unlimited mimosa bar. If writing your vision and making it plain is an important part of your 2019 plan, then this event is for you. You have two different opportunities to connect with us in January and more to come throughout the course of the year. Show up; we can’t wait to see you there!


In My ears



I’ve long been a Robin Thicke fan. From “Lost Without U” to “Sex Therapy,” I live for a Jon B-ish R&B hero. But Mr. Thicke gave me problematic fav vibes when he released “Blurred Lines,” and after his issues with Paula, and rumored drug abuse, I wasn’t pressed when he faded to black a few years ago. I just resigned to find other fair-skinned singers to fill the void. But Robin is back with his sultry, beggin behind, testifying and accounting for all his sins and pledging to do better, in new single “Testify”. This new track is more of a Catholic confessional than C.O.G.I.C. atonement, but I’ll take it. Welcome back Robin, I’m excited to be a believer again.


Chance The Rapper

Like an independent artist, Chance the Rapper﹘the only Chicago rapper we acknowledge﹘has released his new music, not as an album or LP but as individual songs. And I’m in love. The new tracks, “My Own Thing,” (which made my forever Presidents 2018 favorite songs, btw) “The Man Who Has Everything,” “I Might Need Security,” and “Work Out” all have his signature upbeat, hopeful, church baseline but with deeply personal content from his high hopes for his pending nuptials to his literal disdain for current mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel. One of the things I love about Chance’s music is that he reminds me of how multifaceted we are as a people and how quickly we can go from politics to pole dancing, and back to praise and worship and still be whole, passionate, and real. Thanks Chance, more multifaceted music for 2019.


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