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July Newsletter


It’s the middle of the year and it’s time for a jump start! If you’ve been feeling less than inspired to achieve the amazing goals you started the year with, then this month’s episodes are for you! For every episode in July, we’ve invited substitutes who have inspirational, motivational, and transformational stories that will inspire us to power through the remainder of the year. Don’t miss an episode this month as we talk to some of the most inspiring women around about how they have leveled up in life and love this year, and how you can do the same.

This July Jumpstart is in honor of our 2-year podcast anniversary! On July 9, 2017, Caryn, Tanisha, and I recorded the first episode, “Sibling Rivalry,” and jumpstarted changes in my life that I could have never imagined. From that simple kickoff, Schoolin Life has grown into a podcast with more than 100 episodes, three live shows, a blog, and an online merch store. Marcy joined the show in 2018 and together we’ve garnered more than 30,000 downloads, inspiring thousands of women in 40+ countries and advanced community conversations to help us all school life! Help us celebrate our two years of life, love & libations by listening, learning, and sharing our July Jumpstart episode. It may be just the thing you need to consider making a jump of your own!


Big Idea food


Do you ever get into a book so good, that you essentially have to slow down your reading because you don’t want the good time to end? Well, that's how I feel about Big Idea Food: A Weekly Devotional for Entrepreneurs, Side Hustlers and Dreamers. Serial entrepreneur, Marlena Banks, truly packed Big Idea Food with gems about how to move past fear to execute your ideas faster and she discusses in detail why it’s important to rely on God's unlimited resources to grow your business. If you have a dream or big idea and you’re looking for some inspiration to advance, Big Idea Food is a must read; grab your copy at idea. Again, that’s


In My ears


“long live love” - Kirk franklin

Kirk Franklin is a cultural icon not only for his poppy gospel music, but for his energetic, inspirational, and motivational messages of hope, redemption, and love. Through music, he makes the gospel approachable for many and demonstrates how to shun the rigidness of religion. He was once the bad boy of gospel music, making gospel music that had gone too far or that was too radical with its message. But on his latest album, “Long Live Love,” he’s giving us true Uncle Kirk vibes, reminding us that God’s love saves the day.


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