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I’m proud to share that we’ve published 24 amazing blog posts since we started the Schoolin Life Blog in August 2018.

The blog is an extension of the podcast and allows us to go into more depth on the topics that you care about. If you’re not a regular Schoolin Life Blog reader, catch up, and #bingetheblog this week. Here are a few of our most popular posts to get you started.


In My ears

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Joel Osteen Audio Podcast

Not only am I a podcast producer but I’m also a podcast fan. One of my favorite podcast genres is inspirational gospel and in this genre, the Joel Osteen audio podcast is on my list of favorites. If I’m in need of a little inspiration or a word with God, I’ll often turn to this podcast because in less than thirty minutes, I can get a corny Dad joke, (I love that he always starts his message with these), a biblical principle, and a message that encourages me to go on. Plus he releases several episodes each week so there is always something fresh. In one of his recent episodes, “One More Time,” he reminds us that we all make mistakes but God’s grace abounds, and He’s always willing to give us, “one more time.” If you’re in need of a motivational word, definitely check this episode out.


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