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May Newsletter

Don’t Go Too Far

You all know that I’ve been on a strict budget since the year began. 2018 rocked me financially and I vowed that 2019 was my year to get my finances in order. I kicked off my goal with our “Personal Finance February” Series and I’m proud to share that since January, I’ve paid off more than $14,000 of debt and changed my lifestyle significantly to make room for debt-free me. I've been overwhelmed by how my intentional focus on reducing debt—spending less, staying away from my credit cards, and saying “no”—has allowed me to free myself from debts that once seemed insurmountable. It’s given me the space to do the real “adulting” I’ve needed to do for years.

Noting all this, what I’ve lost (in part) is my young, wild and free lifestyle. Applying personal finance principles has me second guessing a lot of my frivolous purchases, asking myself “can you really afford this” more often than I’d like, and making the most of my decisions based on dollars and cents. Too often, I’m sort of an “all or nothing” kind of girl and as I begin this month, I want to make sure the pendulum hasn’t swung too far in the penny-pinching direction. In the spirit of not going too far, here is how I’ll balance fiscal responsibility with having a little fun. I’m still going to be thoughtful about my spending and budget this fun along with my other expenses, but I’m giving myself permission to live a little.


CEO Bootcamp Conference

I’m excited to share that in mid-May, I’ll be serving as the host for a 3-day business workshop for female entrepreneurs in Chicago! The CEO Bootcamp Conference is the ultimate, female entrepreneur conference and will be jammed packed full of workshops, presentations, masterclasses, and empowering speeches by some of the foremost women in business. If you’re looking to elevate your business as a female entrepreneur, join me there and get your tickets today. Although I’m there on Schoolin Life official business, the fun will come in seeing my family and friends who are there too. Chicago is one of my favorite cities and I can’t wait to get back!

Schoolin Life 100th Episode

It’s hard to believe that our beloved conversations with a circle of girlfriends has turned into an award-winning podcast, blog, and lifestyle brand joining thousands of listeners from all over the world. That is something worth celebrating! We never would have gotten this far into the mission of those “coveted conversations" about life, love & libations without your support. We decided the only appropriate way to celebrate would be to have our first virtual live show! On May 13 at 7 p.m. ET, join Marcy and me ONLINE for a hilarious, live recording of Schoolin Life. This virtual live show will be free of charge and include all of your favorite segments such as, "It Ain't None of My Business," "All Black Everything," and an "I Digress" topic that you can join in on. Many of our former guests will be in attendance and there will be giveaways and surprises as we celebrate this huge milestone. Please don’t miss it!


My baby sister and favorite human being is graduating from 8th grade this year and I’m so excited to celebrate her. She is one of the most passionate and honest people I know and for a 14 year old, she is wise beyond her years on earth. She was the perfect toddler so it kinda sucks that she’s growing up and has a life that is fully independent of mine, but I couldn’t be prouder to watch her come into her own. Graduations are a BIG deal in my family and we plan to make this one super special. I can’t wait to celebrate you, Sam!

Here’s hoping that you are planning to live a little this month. Don’t go too far in any one direction. Give yourself a little grace, spend a little, save a lot more, and live. You deserve it.


In My ears



I’m new to Lizzo as a rapper. I’ve always known her for her looks <push through Playboy spread> and her Instagram is poppin. It was totally lost on me that she was a rapper, but now I see the light. I STAN for this “Tempo” single featuring the GOAT, Missy Elliot. I can’t think of a better collab for Lizzo and her unapologetic bravado. I stand a woman that is doing it for herself and encouraging other women to do it too. I’m ready to fuck it up to the tempo!



How can one women have all this power? She “been on” and so the original release of Lemonade was truly all we needed, but the Queen allows our cup to runneth over and I’m grateful. Beyoncé recently released the original demo for the stand out track, “Sorry” from Lemonade and she spilled all the Jay-Z little tea. She gave us additional details of what she and her shiftless husband (sorry, I’m not over it yet) husband were going through at the time and how she actively ignored him and his apologies until she was in a place where she could forgive. I’m glad they made it work because she seems happy and the OTR II tour was everything but the original demo puts me right back where I was when Lemonade aired on HBO—mad as hell. *deep breath*


If Beyoncé thought I was going to sit up here and let her totally remix a classic Black two step song right before cookout season and then carefully choreograph a full 16-count to it, at the chance that she might post me to her IG stories, then she is absolutely right. *stretches* Do not come around me at all this summer, if you don’t want to hear “Before I Let Go,” Beyoncé edition. I will be humming it and bunny hopping down every street. Govern yourself accordingly.


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