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I teach highly-motivated women how to develop, define, and leverage their leadership skills and personal networks to cultivate relevant relationships that will lead to advancement both personally and professionally.


 Does this sound like you?

Without a mentor, you may be finding it difficult to move past any number of the following workplace challenges:

  • Dread of the next conversation with your supervisor

  • Stress over not getting call backs for in-person interviews

  • Experience of frequent micro-aggressions without guidance to respond appropriately

  • Struggle against extreme fatigue, working a job that doesn’t drive your passions

  • Overworked and underpaid, unsure of how to advocate effectively for yourself


what if you could …

  • Advance to a new role with greater impact and visibility across the organization.

  • Advance to a more flexible work environment that allows you to have the autonomy to care for your family.

  • Advance to be paid the money you deserve in your desired field.

  • Advance to find a rewarding position in the industry of your dreams.

  • Advance to work in a field that matches your dreams and personal values.


You are ready for someone to mentor you, giving you personalized 1:1 attention, and cultivating your existing experiences to develop, define, and leverage your skill set for personal and professional growth. 1:1 mentoring sessions are designed for you to get the tools and confidence necessary to find your voice, leverage your skill set, and clarify the pathway to move beyond barriers and reach your goals.

Confusion and frustration about lack of career advancement, workplace politics, and unsupportive supervisory relationships should no longer have a place in your state of mind. Start focusing on yourself and take the first step to become your best self. Together in a mentoring relationship, you and I will create a roadmap to prioritize the things that matter most to you and to help you advance personally and professionally.


let me help you

  • Leverage your expertise and advance personally and professionally.

  • Develop clarity and strategy on how to navigate the next steps in your career.

  • Get the help you need to get unstuck now and learn how to continue advancing.


After our first mentor session, you won’t feel defeated anymore. During the focused, solution-oriented mentoring session, you and I will identify and troubleshoot the most pressing issues facing your career and identify solution pathways to resolve them.


Meet Your new Mentor

Hi, I’m Ashley Asshire, a director of student affairs at an R1 institution in the Northeast and an adjunct professor in the university's college of education. When I'm not working with college students, I lead a different classroom as the founder of the podcast and lifestyle brand, Schoolin Life. After so many exciting Schoolin Life interactions—both individual and community-wide—I developed proven strategies and a framework for helping women get unstuck in life. Thanks to your encouragement and support, I have begun offering these 1:1 mentoring services because I know how to help highly-achieving women advance. With more than 10 years of professional experience in corporate, non-profit, and educational leadership, I use mentoring to serve women and teach them how to leverage their leadership skills to thrive personally and professionally.

Invest in yourself and let me provide the missing pieces to you in a personal, safe space where we break down into simple steps, the path forward to your best self.


Read what my current mentees have to say about their experiences.

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“I have gaps in my professional skill set when it comes to navigating spaces, negotiating, asking for what I need in ways that are heard, professionally declining or accepting offers, etc. These things are vital to know but no one teaches them out loud! Ashley helped break things down, provide language, and map out a plan for engaging in those overlooked areas of professionalism.”



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“I contacted Ashley because I was confident that the same honest discussion and advice that was a staple of the Schoolin’ Life's podcast would be reflected in the mentoring services. I was also excited to receive support from women that I could identify with.”


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“Mentoring with Ashley has helped me to care more about my own professional development and to see how it aligns with past and present career goals as well.”


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"I’ve had mentors before and have a variety of folks that I consider mentors. What made this experience different was the tangibles I walked away from the conversation with. I also gained a lot of educational knowledge on advocating for myself as a woman in the profession as well as having another perspective."

- Hailey


let me mentor you

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