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November Newsletter



I quit.

That's how I felt in March of 2018 when Schoolin Life was going through its biggest transition. My former co-hosts had left, I was spending nearly three (painstaking) hours editing each episode, and our engagement and downloads were stagnant at best. I thought to myself, I quit. I mean, how was I going to maintain and grow this podcast by myself? How could I carry out my vision of expanding the coveted girlfriend conversations to include the masses when I didn’t have anyone to have a convo with? With little expertise, how was I going to develop this podcast into a lifestyle brand and turn this passion into a profitable business by myself?

The truth was I couldn’t, and honestly, I didn’t want to. I needed help, partners, and a team. I knew in order to get to the next level, to upgrade (see what I did there?), I needed to expand the brand beyond myself. So I outsourced. I did what so many successful small business owners did before me. But what was so hard for me (and so many other Black women) to do, was to ask for and accept the help. Asking was hard, not because I didn’t want help or because I thought I didn’t need it, but because I’m used to the grind and struggle. I’m used to the exhaustion of doing things “on my own.” Also Schoolin Life is my baby; it is this thing that I conceptualized and I didn’t trust that anyone would care for it with the same passion, excitement, and dedication that I had. This is something I’m still working through. I had to get over myself and trust that I was capable of assembling a team of professionals that could help me grow and expand the brand. I had to trust that we would be better together, than apart.

Now Schoolin Life has a team, which consists of Marcy, fabulous cohost, friend, and fellow Ph.D.; Ashlee, a graphic designer, photographer, website developer, and someone with the most flawless lashes I’ve ever seen (she’s booking new clients for 2019 - get at her); Leigh, copy editor who takes my disjointed, often grammatically incorrect and possibly incoherent words, and makes me sound like I have good sense; and Cheronda, project manager, mommy (her parenting style is goals), and fellow entrepreneur; and Clinton, lawyer, business consultant, and a surprisingly candid person for a lawyer. These people make up Schoolin Life. Although you only really hear Marcy and me each week, these are the people who are constantly helping this brand grow and expand, and I’m so grateful. Instead of quitting, I outsourced and I took on partners. I took an inventory of what I’m good at, what I’m not, and I sourced people who could fill in the gaps. What do you need to delegate, decline, or defer in order to make today the beginning of days where you don’t feel overwhelmed and stressed? What do you need to outsource to improve your life and mental well-being?


Grand Opening!

Photo Credit:  Ashlee Nicole

Photo Credit: Ashlee Nicole


I am super-crazy excited to announce that

the Schoolin Life Store is open for business!

I’m so excited to see Schoolin Life show up in your homes and offices, and across your chests. The online store is full of all things life, love & libations, and is perfect for both the Schoolin Life lover and newbie to the brand. Because I love y'all, I’m sharing a discount code exclusively with you, TODAY ONLY.

Get 20% off your entire purchase with the code “HOMEROOM” in the Schoolin Life Store.


In My ears



Because of a Schoolin Life event last week, I knew I was going to miss bible study, so I emailed in my prayer request. Along with grace and my siblings, I also asked that my small group pray for prosperity. Considering the launching of the Schoolin Life Store and the approaching holidays, I need an extra portion. Well apparently, Jesus is a Cardi B fan too. Thirty minutes after I had emailed my small group, I checked iTunes and Cardi had dropped a new single “Money,” with the exclamation that “I was born to flex/ Diamonds on my neck/ I like boarding jets/ I like morning sex/ But nothing in this world/ That I like more than checks.” While my priorities aren’t exactly in that order, a similar sentiment is shared. God always sends us a sign that he hears us; “Money” was mine.



Bobby is the true essence of a renaissance man. A family guy, a fellow entrepreneur (Check out his grooming and lifestyle boutique for men, Dapper and King), and one of my favorite independent R&B artists. His EP Something About Love is melodic without being boring, romantic without being cheesy, and a solid blend of soul and R&B grooves over some hip-hop (lite) beats. It’s the perfect set of tracks to cuddle up with.


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