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Schoolin Life started as a podcast, with a vision to extend my standard "girlfriend" conversations to a wider audience. I realized that I had thoughtful, impactful and affirming conversations with my friends, that not all women had access to and I wanted to share what I had with others. Now Schoolin Life is a lifestyle brand that still includes a weekly podcast co-hosted by Marcy Sims and I but also live events, a blog, merchandise and more; blending my passions for education, storytelling, lifestyle blogging and personal and professional development. Even with this expansion the vision hasn’t changed. Schoolin Life still exists to have those same thoughtful, impactful and affirming conversations conversations, but impact more people, and share the authentic mission of helping women “School Life” with a wider audience while attracting brand partnerships and new engagement to the brand.


About ashley


I’m a big sister, empath, acting vice president of the #Beyhive and founder of Schoolin Life. My primary passions revolve around home décor and design, hosting house parties and fostering hilarious conversations through podcasting. My love for schoolin’ others and personal development started at a young age, as my favorite childhood game was “playing school.” Now I don’t play but do; I turned the game into reality. I earned a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration in 2015 and currently serve as the director of student affairs at a prominent R1 research institution in the Northeast and as a faculty member in the university’s College of Education. Schoolin Life has forced me to be more honest, introspective and compassionate. The fact that Schoolin Life serves as a resonating sounding board for others inspires me more every day.


About MArcy


I’m a full-time psychologist, lover of Beyonce, and all things Black Girl Magic. One could say that I “woke up” while getting my doctorate in Counseling Psychology at the University of Minnesota, as I observed the challenges that marginalized groups experienced and devoted my career to alleviating people’s pain and suffering. I am passionate about advocating for the mental health of the Black folks but I have a special place in my heart for improving the lives of Black women, just as a proud AKA woman should. In addition to co-hosting Schoolin Life, I have also developed the Art of Being Self-ish, which is a platform that focuses on empowering Black women to care for themselves so that they are filled enough to take care of others instead of serving from emptiness. Although, I was once the “strong” friend who more often than not, put the needs of others before my own, I am proud to finally be (mostly) practicing what I preach and being more self-ish with My Faith. My Man. My Village. And Yoga.