Boss Up


On this week's episode, we talk being bossed, being bosses, and creating a relationship with your boss that works for you. Horrible Bosses: it's not just a movie but it’s some folks’ everyday-lived experience. Micromanaging, domineering, and bullying bosses are all too common in the workplace, and when you throw racism, sexism, and gender politics (or actual politics for that matter ) into the mix, it can make for a hostile working environment. We talk our best and worst bosses and how to manage up to ensure a productive working environment.

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Friday, August 17, 2018 at 6:00 PM.
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Guest: Dominek Tubbs of "Dom in the City" Connect with her on Twitter & Instagram @DomNTheCity

Food Recommendations from Yelp Eliter

Chicago Brunch with Bae: Batter and Berries

Philly Afterwork Drinks with Co Workers: Oscars Tavern & Max’s

NYC Girls Night Out: 333 LoungeWoodland, Mango C  

St. Louis International Fare: The King and I & Cafe Mochi

Atlanta family Dinner: Waffle House

New York Soul Food: Melba’s

New York: Wafels and Dinges

Meet Up with Dom: Monday August 6th in Harlem Hexagon Lounge

I digress: A Good Boss is better than a Good Company

All Black Everything: Nina Wilson

TV: Orange is the New Black


Have a great week!

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