Implicit Bias

What’s your first impression for each person? | Adobe Stock

What’s your first impression for each person? | Adobe Stock

On this week's episode, Ashley and substitutes, Kisha and Dani, talk implicit bias. We all have a tendency to allow stereotype-confirming thoughts to pass spontaneously through our minds, and doing so is called implicit bias. It’s what tells us to run when we’re being chased or to swallow when we have something in our mouth. In harmless situations, this bias can be positive; however, when it comes to racism, sexism, classism, ableism, anti-Semitism, ageism and heterosexism, those involuntary conclusions or over-generalizations can lead to discrimination. 

If you've ever found yourself leading a group toward the stairs, without considering everyone’s mobility or if you've disregarded a teenager’s opinion before hearing their legitimate answer, then like us, you’ve been guilty and this episode is for you.

Listen as we discuss the power and privilege of bias and how we're fighting to rid ourselves and the world of these harmful behaviors.


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