Personal Finance February

Our focus this February will be to understand the power and importance of building good financial habits for a healthy and prosperous future. Each of our podcast episodes and blog posts will cover important aspects of personal financing such as budgeting, managing money and relationships, and reducing debt and maintaining your lifestyle while on a budget. You can expect a running theme of living fabulously while being fiscally responsible because that’s a priority too, when you’re Schoolin Life!

Join us every week to talk money and learn from our amazing lineup of “substitutes.”


Tuesday podcasts:

February 5: Money Diaries with Tia Chambers of Financially Fit & Fab  

February 12: For the Love of Money with Sierra Howard of Young Wild and Financially Free

February 19: You’ve got how much Debt? with Melissa and Shakira of Millennial in Debt

February 26: Frugal and Fabulous with Dayna Bolden of Dayna


Thursday blogs:

February 14: Life Lessons from Our Money Diaries

February 28: Life Lessons from Paying off $25,000 in Debt in 3 years

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