"Money Diaries" Discussion

I’ve always thought of money as a renewable resource. If I don’t have money, I can always get more. I can get a second job, pick up a side gig (shoutout to our recent episode), use a credit card, or get cash from somewhere (legally, of course). Basically, I’ve just never been “pressed” about money, but as I get older I have to change my mind about the value of having money, how it should be used, and what it should mean to me. I had to value money. For the entire month of February, I’ll be working on developing this value via Schoolin Life, as all of our February blog and podcast episode and this month’s book Money Diaries will be focused around finances. We’re calling it Personal Finance February and I’m excited to re-read this book (I first red it in December ) and share with you all what I’ve learned. If you’re bad with money like me, this month’s content is for you. Get excited because, this month, we are getting good (or at least better) at money, together.

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